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"International Journal of Dentistry Research inviting manuscripts for next issue; Volume 3 Issue 1, 2018"

Volume 2 Issue 2 2017

1 Surgical management of supplemental tooth
Akshatha Shetty, Padmaraj Hegde, Prajwal Shetty, Priyanka Udeshi
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):26-28 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 682 KB]
2 Bilateral lobular capillary- The aberrant twins
Varshini M, Ashish Rai, Neha Sharma, Pushparaja Shetty, Urvashi A Shetty
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):29-30 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 567 KB]
3 Estimation of serum and salivary lactate dehydrogenase levels among healthy individuals and oral cancer patients- A clinical and biochemical study
Kumuda Rao, Subhas G. Babu, Suchetha Kumari
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):31-35 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 548 KB]
4 Assessment of clinical and radiographic changes of the mandibular condyle following orthognathic surgery
Fahime Akhlaghi, Anahita Khayampour, Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi, Zahra Danial
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):36-39 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 1008 KB]
5 Primary teeth: Paediatrician’s perspective– A survey
Jyothsna V Setty, Ila Srinivasan
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):40-43 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 610 KB]
6 Assessment of pulp- tooth length ratio in forensic age estimation
Urvashi A Shetty, Kumudha Rao, D’Cruz Audrey M, Pushparaja Shetty, Srikala Bhandary
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):44-48 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 666 KB]
7 Effect of the shape of mini plate on the stability of mandibular fracture
Altaib A. Mohammed
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):49-52 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 740 KB]
8 Assessment of leptin concentration in peri-implant sulcular fluid during osseointegration of implants: Does it really vary?
Ali Hassani, Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi, Fatemeh Mehrab- Bahar, Sarang Saadat, Mohammad Hassani, Solaleh Shahmirzadeh, Zahra Danial
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):53-56 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 703 KB]
9 Probiotic significance in periodontics- A short review
Akshatha Shetty, Rahul Bhandary, Biju Thomas, Amitha Ramesh, Padmaraj Hegde
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(2):57-60 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 495 KB]


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