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"International Journal of Dentistry Research inviting manuscripts for next issue; Volume 3 Issue 2, 2018"

Volume 2 Issue 3 2017

1 Oral Focal Mucinosis- Presenting as conventional epulis with unconventional histopathology- Revealed by Special stains
Sreelatha S.V, Biju Thomas, Varshini. M, Shiny Inasu
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):61-63 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 856 KB]
2 Open-faced maxillary overdenture: A simplified approach for enhanced esthetics
Himanshi Aggarwal, Rani Ranabhatt, Niraj Mishra, Pradeep Kumar, Saumyendra Vikram Singh
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):64-67 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 1018 KB]
3 Knowledge, attitude, practice of dental surgeons regarding dental radiographs in pregnant women in the city of Karachi
Aisha Wali, Talha M Siddiqui, Haisam Abdul Hameed, Haseeb Kath
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):68-72 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 708 KB]
4 Patient’s attitude towards dental treatment: treatment plan versus patient willingness
Nafeesa Tabassum, Suhael Ahmed, Yasmeen Alshammari, Ghaidaa Barri, Manahil Alnafea, Maryam Subhi Alatiyyah, Amerah Alsalem, Alzahra Alarajah
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):73-75 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 707 KB]
5 Adaptation and Validation of The Moroccan Arabic Version of the Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale (ECOHIS)
Farid Bourzgui, Sarah Saif, Zineb Serhier, Samir Diouny, Mohamed Bennani Othmani
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):76-79 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 695 KB]
6 Effect of photo activated disinfection on osseointegration of immediate implants placed in infected sockets
Ahmed Nagi Alghandour, Tarek Elsharkawy, Mohamed Elshalkamy, Abdelbadee Abdollah
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):80-85 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 902 KB]
7 Effect of cigarette smoking on periodontal health
Manpreet Kaur, Krishan Kumar
Int J Dentistry Res., 2017;2(3):86-88 DOI:
[Abstract] [Full text PDF] [PDF 240 KB]


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